As a difficult year draws to a close, we look forward to one that offers a renewed energy and a sense of rebirth. A time to put all the negativity of 2021 aside and welcome in 2022 which brings with it a promise of new beginnings and fresh ideas. As much as we ourselves need a bit of a makeover after the year we’ve just endured, the same may apply to your home décor.

With a new year, we’re almost guaranteed to be treated with hot new trends along with some familiar ones that just remain timeless year on year. Here are some of these trends that are predicted to make a stunning impact in 2022.


We give an ode to our childhoods with nostalgic décor inspiration from the sixties through to the eighties. This vintage trend offers a sense of comfort and familiarity which evokes an overwhelming feeling of positivity.


Escape the stresses of the outside world and Immerse yourself into the outdoors, by creating a calming and tranquil outdoor/indoor living space using the natural vibrancy of blues and greens.


Forget minimalism, we need to go BIG! Dark and moody colours with touches of gold and other metallics are ideal elements to compliment your bold aesthetic.


This Scandinavian minimalism is still very much trending. Combining textures and warmth with neutral colour palettes, creates a coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.


A trend that’s very much on the rise and one we hope remains with us for a very long time. Here at the House of Canvex, we embrace sustainability and biomimicry. We believe wholeheartedly in being mindful of the world around us and doing our bit for the planet.

Enjoy your home and the world around you by embracing these new trends or maybe even start your own. Either way, find the one that suits your personality best.