Decide which area of your home you are designing your custom printed textiles for

Custom printed textiles offer a uniqueness like no other, in that you can create a space that is truly yours.

Deciding which space in your home to transform is an important starting point, as it will greatly affect the overall design and colour palette you choose. Closed spaces like bedrooms aren’t as affected as open living spaces that flow into each other.

Outdoor living spaces this time of the year are very popular as this is where we spend much of our time, entertaining friends and family.

Tropical colours are still very on trend, with leaves and monkeys bringing the outdoors into your veranda space. Connecting colour palettes from your inside living space through to your outdoor entertainment area, is a great way of extending your living space, creating a consistent flow and ultimately a feeling of a bigger space.

How to start designing your custom printed textiles

By starting with a mood board, you can create a visual story that gives you direction with colour palettes and designs for your soon-to-be rejuvenated space.

Once you’ve created your mood board, you can move onto the concept phase. Start by choosing your design medium – either use a graphic design application like Adobe Illustrator to create a unique digital design, or you can take the more traditional approach and create a design using pens, watercolour paints, etc. These in turn can be scanned and converted into digital designs.

To create various colourways of your design, we recommend going the digital route. This allows you to create your design in a vector format – offering you the freedom to change the colour of individual elements, backgrounds, scale up or down without losing detail and add/remove elements.

Print on Demand

We are very proud of our 3 in-house woven base cloths – a 190gsm 40% rPET and two of 260gsm with 100% rPET. The sustainability and the local content are a very good element of our fabric. We love to “support local” which is why we are look to local artists. We can send samples for you to choose from and see which best suits your application and pricing the most.

Now it’s time to bring your design to life. One of the greatest benefits of printing with us, is that we’ll never run out of your prints due to our print on demand service offering. We hold stock of all our base cloths and can print your designs as and when needed.

With low minimum order requirements of 50m rolls with a printable width of 140cm, your print run can be made up of a single or multiple designs, as long as it’s 50m in total.

Purchasing your custom printed textiles

Once you’re happy with your finished design, you can send your design file through to us via We Transfer. We then set up the designs for print based on your specific order requirements and then send through a digital proof for your final approval before we go to print.